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Testing, Testing... 1,2,3

Student Testing: WA State Law Info : http://washhomeschool.org/1381-2/

Here are some local certified teachers who offer testing:

~ FROM RUTH HICKS... Testing: May 22 or 24th

by Education NW Resources, Deborah Knutson

9222 N Newport Highway Suite D Contact info. and to register:

www.tutoringspokane.com or 509-323-4950

Group cost is only $45 for the core test or $60 for full-battery test

Once again Deborah is opening her building to test our homeschoolers.

She is offering two different dates for grades 4 through 12, either May 22nd or the 24th, but 2nd graders

will only be tested on May 22nd, and 3rd graders on May 24th.

Call or email Deborah to schedule your date.



~ Debbie Knutson - For info. call 323-4950 ~ FLO homeschool@familylearning.org or 467-2552 (standardized and assessments) ~ I.E.H.C. (Inland Empire Home School Center) (SAT and assessments) Mike Smith, 299-3766

~ Karen Allwine (SAT & Homeschool Qualifying Course) 276-2476

~ Amber McGuire & Ruth Wagley - Qualifying Course - 466-5104 or wagley@spocom.com NOTE: Other group testing opportunities will be advertised as they are offered.


Baldwin Consulting and Evaluation Services

(Lots of people use the folks listed about and they sound like they are super too, we just personally use Teresa Baldwin. Our kids look forward to going to see her. She is so friendly, kind and takes her time to invest in the children to know them as well as help them feel comfortable for the testing. As a homeschooling parent, I continue to feel supported and helped by her sweet manner and helpful suggestions.)

Baldwin Consulting and Evaluation Services

Teresa Baldwin is a retired homeschool mom and a Washington State certified

special education teacher located on the South Hill in Spokane. After homeschooling

her daughters for ten years and teaching for the last eight, she developed and

started a special education program for her small school. She has a heart for

working with homeschooling families of all kinds, and enjoys sharing her experience

and skills. She has a Master’s degree in special education from Whitworth University and specializes in helping families find the educational resources that best fit the needs of their children. She brings nearly 30 years of homeschooling and teaching experience, including working with students with special needs and alternative education programs.

Baldwin Consulting provides an alternative assessment for your child, whatever

their needs might be. A scheduled session will include an informal family interview,

some math and reading assessments and a writing evaluation if desired. The results

of this evaluation and any suggested resources will be provided in a final written

report. In addition, we will provide a review of the 11 required subjects that

homeschoolers are expected to cover during the year. This evaluation satisfies

Washington State requirements for yearly testing, but provides more personal and

useful information and resource material than a standardized test.

For students with special needs, assessment can be particularly challenging. As a

homeschool parent, you know your child best and understand how they are learning

and progressing in the goals that you have for them, both in learning and in life.

The benefit of having an alternative assessment done with Teresa is her experience

working with students with special needs and their families. She brings a strong

understanding of the spectrum of learning differences and challenges that come

with those differences. She is able to evaluate progress in light of those differences

and then recommend curriculum and strategies designed to accommodate and

meet the needs of students with unique learning challenges. In addition, she

remains a resource for families as they move through the year with their children.

Interested in finding out more or scheduling an appointment? Feel free to email or

call Teresa to see if an alternative assessment is the best option for your family.

Contact her for her rate.

Time: Allow two hours per child for full assessment.

Contact information:

Teresa Baldwin


(509) 270-0488

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