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Girls' Book Club


My girls and I would like to invite your family to consider joining us for our Girls Book Club.

We meet the first Saturday of each month from 1:30-3:30, at the Nerren home. For those who have not been here before, we live in North Spokane (99208). The group is geared toward readers up to about 11 years old.

Each month we select a new theme for our meeting (such as "dogs", "baking", "winter", "ponies", "gardens"...etc.). Throughout the month, the girls choose their own "theme" books to read. They may select only one, or as many as they would like to read. The girls select a favorite book (generally a picture book) to share with the group at our meeting. Members are be expected to read aloud and/or present an oral book report with a 5-10 minute time limit (depending on how many girls participate). If a chapter book is selected (rather than a short picture book), that club member may read a short passage of the book. Several of the older girls often choose this option. We expect all the girls to be able and willing to listen attentively to one another as we share our stories.

Each girl (or family) purchases or prepares (with the help/oversight of a parent) a snack to share or a craft to make which also coordinates either with the theme, or with the book they've selected. So, for a dog-themed meeting she might bring "puppy chow" (Chex Muddy Buddies), or bone-shaped cookies. Or maybe she read "the pokey little puppy", and might make mini strawberry shortcakes because that's what the character in her story ate for dessert. Or, she might bring elastic and felt triangles or ovals to create puppy-ear headbands, or perhaps a puppy- design bookmark template for the girls to follow.

We also prepare a newsletter each month to send out to the girls in our group and welcome participation from any book club member. We include illustrations, craft ideas, short poems, encouraging articles, word games, etc. as well as pictures and information from our previous meetings.

We will need to limit our group to no more than about a dozen girls. This will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to share without our meetings becoming too long of a stretch for the kids to enjoy sitting and listening to one another. If many more are interested, perhaps I could connect people in nearby areas and several groups could form.

Our meetings typically last about 2 hours - including time to read/listen, time to share snacks, and time to visit with one another before guests leave. Parents typically stay for the duration of our meetings and either listen in as the girls share their books/reports, or visit together in the next room.

If this is an activity you might be interested in, please e-mail me with your name, your interested child(ren)'s name(s) and age(s) and any questions you have as well as a phone number I can contact you at.

We think it could be great fun to include new friends in our group and we look forward to having you join us!


Heather Nerren


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