CHN - Sort of a state version of HSLDA

May 11, 2017


CHNow - Christian Homeschool Network of WA…

Sort of the state version of HSLDA, but without the attorney/legal services. For that and some other issues, CHN will refer you to HSLDA. CHNow is an organization founded by Scott and DiAnna Brannan which acts as a legislative watch dog on the home front of Olympia, WA and watches for state legislation that would threaten our home school freedoms here in WA. They work closely with HSLDA, but CHNow is not a substitute for HSLDA, as both have great value to homeschoolers in WA. In addition to their legislative work, they offer email newsletters and alerts, Declaration of Intent forms and much more information for homeschoolers. Membership is available, but you can also sign up for emails, without a membership.

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Our Many Thanks to Tammy ...

March 17, 2016

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